Craft: Sit-Upon


  • vinyl tablecloth
  • inexpensive outdoor cushion
  • yarn
  • masking tape


  1. Pre-cut tablecloth into sections which are about 2" wider than the cushion, and twice as long, plus 2"
  2. Fold the cut piece of tablecloth, vinyl side in, in half.
  3. Sew, using a sewing machine, the two edges up from the fold.  Leave the top edge open.
  4. Turn right side out.
  5. Stuff the cushion into the tablecloth pouch.
  6. Using a hole punch, punch holes along the top edge.
  7. Tie a length of yarn to one end of the holes, and wrap masking tape around the other end to form a "needle".
  8. Have the girls "sew" the top shut.
  9. Note: I also sewed a piece of belting to the top, which was cut in two and had a velcro closure - this way the sit-upon could be attached to a backpack.
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