Craft: Cookie Pin


  1. Print the pin front pattern onto the ink jet transparency.
  2. Apply double sided adhesive to the back of the transparency.  We used Xyron adhesive, but you can get a spray adhesive or use double sided tape.
  3. Stick the transparency onto the tan craft foam.
  4. You may or may not want to cut out the circles before the meeting (we pre-cut ours).  It is a bit tricky for Sparks to cut perfect circles.
  5. Cut another circle out of the craft foam about the same size as the pattern circles (just less than 2").
  6. Cut a circle out of the felt.
  7. Glue all pieces together using white glue - top of cookie has the pattern on it, then the felt is the filling, then the final piece of craft foam is the bottom of the cookie.
  8. Using hot glue, attach a pin back to the back of the cookie.
  9. Wear your cookie pin with pride and sell lots of Girl Guide cookies!