Activity: Active Living Stations

Poster for each station. Post these on the walls.
A leader or Spark helper with each group of Sparks

To Play:
Girls go from station to station performing the activities:

Active Brain

  • Count the number of Sparks in group
  • Count number of fingers in the group
  • Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Active Body

  • Do eight jumping jacks
  • Crouch then jump in the air six times
  • Sing Auntie Monica (Jubilee Song Book p. 46) or some other song with actions.

Active Feet

  • Stand on one foot and count to eight
  • Repeat with other foot
  • Run on spot and count to 16.
  • Sing and play the Dutch Shoe game.

Active Hands

  • Clap 6 times
  • Shake hands in air five times
  • Make a fist and open fingers quickly 4 times.
  • Sing My Aunt Grete

Active Imagination

  • Pretend you are a seed sprouting from the earth
  • Pretend you are a tornado
  • Pretend you are a snake
  • Sing Tinga Layo

Active Play

  •  Let's pretend we are... typing on a computer
  • ...washing a car
  • ...walking a dog
  • ...throwing a frisbee
  • ...swimming
  • Sing The Frogs

Active Wind Down

  • In centre of room, gather girls together at the end
  • Slowly lift arms over head then sway from side to side
  • Stand on tiptoes and stretch then curl down until you are sitting
  • Sing The Chinese Fan (Jubilee Song Book p. 44).