Activity: 2010 CWFF (Canadian World Friendship Fund) Bank

I found a homemade CWFF bank template online, and I have altered it to include the 100 years logo.  I also removed the flaps from the original.  I don't think the Sparks could make these themselves, so I made them for each girl.

CWFF BankYou will need white cardstock, a craft knife, scissors, glue.

  1. Print the template on to the cardstock.
  2. Using the craft knife, cut out the money slot.
  3. Cut along all outside lines, fold on the other lines.
  4. The empty triangle under the 100 logo is the base of the pyramid.  Fold the other two empty triangles behind the side triangles.
  5. Apply glue to the base of the two side empty triangles and to the flap.
  6. Assemble.
  7. I also printed a world flag and each girl's name onto an adhesive address label, then folded it onto a toothpick and stuck it into the top of each pyramid.

To make collecting more fun, I created a calendar to send home with the banks.  I found a calendar on the BC Girl Guides site, and modified it to work for us over the March 2010 Spring Break.