Song: Ku-vi-a-nak-tu-mat

Ku-vi-a-nak-tu-mat (Because it is the cause of happiness) or The Seal Hunt

Here is a song with delightful actions. There are many variations of this story in song, although the melody remains about the same and the basic theme of the hunt (for bear, walrus, seal, etc.) runs through each variant. The words here are written phonetically; the "g" has a somewhat gutteral sound. The chorus portrays a kayak trip. The singers "paddle" with arms at should level, hands meeting in front, palms down, dipping elbows from side to side as they bend at the waist in time with the music.

Ai! ta-ku-git pau-ta-ga ta-ku-git.



English translation: Chorus:
Because it is the cause of happiness,
Because it is the cause of happiness,
Ai! Look you, my paddle, look you.

Verse: We all are going to set out [hunting] together.


Chorus: A brish paddle to seek prey.

Verse 1: Scan horizon for bear (walrus, etc) with first right, then left, then right hands shading eyes. After last line, spot quarry and cry, "Ah!"

Chorus: Paddle quickly towards animal.

Verse 2: Take careful aim at the moving target with your bow, spear or gun and shoot at the end of each line (with the appropriate noise: twang, whiz, bang).

Chorus: Paddle quickly to collect bounty.

Verse 3: Drage the animal towards the kayak, ending each line with a heave and a grunt.

Chorus: paddle slowly (kayak is havey laden!)

Verse 4: Wave joyfully to friends on shore, pointing down to the bear after each wave. On final line, stand up to wave and end the verse with a mightly "Splash!" (serves you right for standing up in a boat, especially a kayak!)

Chorus: Swim (overhand crawl) to shore.

Verse 5: Wrap your arms around yourself and shiver out the words, getting more and more nasal until the final note of the chorus which ends with "Ikkii!" (It's cold!)

Source: Sing a Song With Sparks and Brownies published by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.
Words by Prof. R. Williamson, Professor of Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan.  May be copied by members for use within Guiding.