Song: Hindi Song

The words are written phonetically.

Kisnay bana ya phoolo ko,
Phoolo ko,
Phoolo ko?
Kisnay bana ya phoolo ko?
Ee-shwar jo swarg may nay.

Kisnay bana ya - Who made:
-- phoolo ko - flowers, red and white?
-- cheeryo ko - birds to fly on high?
-- machlyo ko - fish to swim in the sea?
-- tharo ko - stars to shine above?
-- thoom ko - mooch ko - you and who made me?
Eeshwar jo swarg may hay - God who is in heaven!

Flowers: hold palm to palm with knuckles humped away form bud of lotus; fingers open keeping base of hands, tips of little figners and thumbs touching as flower blossoms.
birds: right wrist crossed over left, palms upward, thumbs linked; hands wave gently like birds' wings
fish: right hand on top of left, palms downward, thumbs move like fins.
stars: arms raised to should height, hands pointing upward, fingers open and close as star twinkles
heaven: both hands are raised above head and wave slightly once.

Source: Sing a Song With Sparks and Brownies published by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.
Original source unknown. Probably public domain. May be reproduced.