Song: Brownie Stomp

There are (1) Brownies here, there are Brownies there,
There are (2) Brownies almost everywhere
And (3) those who live across the sea
Are (4) really very much like me.

For (5) Brownies work and Brownies play,
And (6) Brownies do Good Turns each day
With a (7) great big smile they lend a hand,
Be (8) cause they all are Brownies.

Formation: Brownies in a circle, hands joined.


1. Step to the left with the left foot, close with right; step left, close right; step left, close right with a stamp; stamp left.
2. Repeat
3 - 4. Repeat 1 & 2 with opposite foot movements, going right.
5. Going into centre, step forward onto ball of left foot, lower heel. Forward right foot, ball & heel, forward left foot with stamp, close with right foot stamp.
6. Backing out, repeat 5 with opposite foot movements, starting with right foot back.
7 - 8. Repeat 1 going to the left, then again going to the right with opposite foot movements. Salute on word "Brownies."

Source: Sing a Song With Sparks and Brownies published by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.
© Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada 1986. May be copied by members of Girl Guides of  Canada-Guides du Canada for use within Guiding.