Song: Sing a Song of Canada

Sing a song of Canada
Let your spirt show
Send you voice across the land,
And let the whole world know;
It's a land of endless beauty,
Of people proud and free, so..
Sing a song of Canada,
Our home from sea to sea!

It's a song of rugged sea coasts
And mountains tow'ring high;
Gentle hills and rolling prairies
Beneath the northern sky;
Woodlands, lakes and rivers,
So much variety;
Mountain, plains and seacoast,
Blended all in harmony.


It's a song of friendly people
Who built this land with pride;
Many races creeds and colours,
All working side by side;
Farms and towns and cities,
So much diversity;
A cultural mosaic,
Blended all in harmony.


© Dorothy Lind 1995
May be copied by Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada for use within Guiding