Song: Clapping Game (We Who Have Come Here)

We who have come here,
Come here together,
And if we had all come,
We would do wonders.

African words:
Isu tanya pa no,
Dai tanya tose,
Ne kudansi titi zhusi,
Nasi tai wonana.

Players sit on the ground in a circle, spaced slightly apart with their legs apart. During the singing of the verse, players beat time by striking the ground on each side of them with their palms on each strong beat (two to a bar).

The tune is then repeated, but player don't sing, they hum and do the following:

On the preceding off beat they clap their own hands together; on the first beat of the bar they strike the ground on their right side with their right palm, while with their left, they strike the ground between their legs, leaning forward so full palm strikes ground. They repeat these two actions, this time striking the ground with their left hand to the left side while the right palm stikes the ground between their legs. On the second bar they beat twice with their hand on the ground beside the.

These actions are repeated four times in all during the humming of the tune.

Sing once again, combining words with all the actions.

Source: Celebrate With Song published by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.
Public Domain. May be reproduced.