Song: Tongo

Polynesian Canoeing Song

Tongo (Tongo)
Jim-de-be-na be-i-oh (Jim-de-be-na be-i-oh)
Tongo (Tongo)
Oo-pe-oo-kum-ba-yah (Oo-pe-oo-kum-ba-yah)
Oh-wa-lay (Oh-wa-lay)
Mah-lee-pah-may-lee-way (Mah-lee-pah-may-lee-way)

Each bar is chanted by the leader then repeated by the group. Repeat the song, then, at the end, the last line is repeated and gradually slows down and dies away.

Source: Jubilee Songbook published by Girl Guides of Canada.
Original source unknown. Probably public domain. May be reproduced.