Song: Commercial Mix-up

(to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell")

Last night I watched TV,
I saw my favorite show.
I heard this strange commercial,
And I can't believe it's so.

Feed your dog Chiffon.
Comet cures the cold,
Use S-O-S pads on your face
To keep from looking old.

Mop your floors with Crest.
Use Crisco on your tile.
Clean your teeth with Borateem,
It leaves a shining smile.

For headaches take some Certs.
Use Tide to clean your face.
And do shampoo with Elmer's Glue,
It holds your hair in place.

Perhaps I am confused,
I might not have it right.
But one thing that I'm certain of,
I'll watch TV tonight!

Notes for the girls:

  • Chiffon is a type of fabric
  • Comet is a powdered cleaning product
  • SOS pads are steel wool with soap in them used to clean pots
  • Crest is toothpaste
  • Crisco is shortening used for cookie
  • Borateem is bleach
  • Certs are breath mints
  • Tide is laundry detergent
  • Elmer’s Glue is white glue