Craft: Promise Squirrel


  • paper bag (we created our bags using envelopes - also called a "bagalope")
  • brown, black and white construction paper
  • squirrel pattern (note: my co-leader made up the original pattern for the squirrel, but I don't have her pattern so I have created something that I think is very similar)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • glue stick
  • promise pieces


  1. Cut outs squirrel pieces - tail, head, tummy, front paws, back paws, nose, teeth.
  2. Glue nose onto face and draw face details.
  3. Glue pieces onto the envelope.
  4. Fill the envelope with promise pieces - we used an acorn die to cut each piece into an acorn shape.
  5. Now you can play a game with your promise squirrel - sprinkle his acorns on the floor and the squirrel has to collect the acorns in the right order before he can have them returned to his bag body.