2.26 Healthy Girls

Program Connections:
  • Key to Active Living
    • 3. Fabulous Food
    • 5. Good Health


Gathering Activity (in their circles)


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song

Discussion - Good Health

  • Name three positive active things you do around the house, such as cleaning your room every day.
  • Name three positive active things you do at school every day.
  • What is your favourite sport? How often do you do it?


Discussion - Fabulous Food

  • Discussion of what foods are healthy to eat and why it is important to eat healthy food every day.
  • Introduce Canada's Food Guide – eat a rainbow a day
    • Yellow for grain
    • Green for fruits and vegetables
    • Blue for milk products
    • Red for meat and alternatives
  • Healthy eating incorporates food from the four food groups each day
  • Different people need different servings per day. Primary school-aged children need 5 servings of grain products, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 2-3 servings of milk products and 2 servings of meat or alternatives
  • Vegetables and fruit make up the largest part of the rainbow. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables keeps us healthy. If you eat at least one fruit or vegetable with each meal and as a snack, you will get the proper servings in your day.

Activity - meal planning

  • Divide the girls into groups and have them create a healthy meal and an unhealthy meal, using pictures from flyers and food magazines. They can glue the pictures onto styrofoam or paper plates. Come back together as a circle and share their meals.

Activity - make a meal (mini pizzas)

  • Plan and make a meal with your unit. Make sure you eat something from each of the four food groups.
  • The girls will make mini pizzas. Ask them to name something from each of the four food groups that are used in making a pizza.
  • Prepare the mini pizzas, discussing proper handling of food.
  • When the pizzas are ready, the girls can eat them. Include a food from a different country (Snowy Owl to bring something).


  • All My Friends Like Chocolate - this game is a variation of I Like Girls.
  • Have the girls sit in a circle and select someone to be it. She says "All my friends like....(a food that she likes)".
  •  Everyone who likes that food runs to find a new spot on the opposite side of the circle, including the girl who was it.
  • The girl without a spot is the new it.
  • She repeats "All my friends like...." and the game continues.
  • When the girl who is it says "All my friends like chocolate", everyone changes chairs but may not go to the chair beside them.

Brownie Closing