2.25 Germ Buster / Zzzz

Program Connections:
  • Key to Active Living
    • 4. Germ Buster
    • 6. Zzzzz - Good Night


Gathering Activity (in their circles)


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song

Discussion - Zzzzz - Good Night

  • Why is sleep important and how much sleep do people need every day?
  • Resting is as important as exercising and eating good food. What about other animals? Where do your dogs and cats sleep? How does a fish sleep?
  • Memory problems, low energy, weakened immune system and will get sick easier, grumpy
  • 7-12 year olds need 10 – 11 hours of sleep
  • Adults need 7 – 8 hours of sleep
  • Have the children draw a mental picture of a good sleep environment.
    • Do they need:
      • A soft or firm pillow
      • A cuddly blanket
      • A favourite doll or teddy bear
      • All the lights off or a night light
    • Could they sleep if:
      • A drum were banging in their room
      • On a hard floor
      • If a dog was barking outside
  • What do you do if you have a bad dream?
  • Tell a funny story about sleep and dreams
  • Share some of your dreams. Are they strange or curious?

Discussion - Germ Buster

  • Germs are living organisms.
  • Two types of germs can make us sick – viruses and bacteria. It is important to wash hour hands often to avoid spreading germs.
  • How long should we wash our hands – as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday. We should scrub our hands for 15 to 30 seconds with regular soap and water, making sure to scrub the top and bottom of our hands and under our fingernails. Then we need to rinse and dry our hands.
  • Teach the words to the Brownie Clean Hands song
  • What do we do with our hands every day? - Pet our pets, clap, play in the sand, play with toys, play on playground, colour. Look at your hands and what do you see? Nothing, because germs are so small.
  • When should we wash our hands?
    • Before eating
    • Before touching food
    • When we cough or sneeze
    • After touching something that is dirty or dusty
    • After going to the bathroom
  • Are all germs bad? No, some help keep us healthy such as probiotics (bacteria that helps our digestion) or bacteria found in dairy products such as milk or yogurt, which makes those products safe for us to eat.
  • Help fight germs by cleaning an area at home or at Brownies.
    • Tell the girls they are going to be germ busters. They are to clean an area at home and next week will tell us about it.



  • Make a germ puppet.
  • What would a germ look like? What colour would it be? Would it be scary or funny? Where would a germ live? What would scare it?
  • Have the girls create their germ on paper, adding whatever art supplies they want. They can then cut out and glue the germ onto a popsicle stick.
  • When the girls are done, they can work in groups to come up with a Germ skit – it must be a funny but true story. The girls can then share their skit if they want to.


  • Learn how to clean your toothbrush, hairbrush and comb.
  • Toothbrush: Wash your toothbrush before and after every use. This constitutes holding it under running water and rubbing your thumb over it with force. Do this for five to ten seconds. Deep clean it occasionally, by placing it on the top rack of a dishwasher and running it with ordinary dishwasher soap.
  • Hairbrush: Remove hair from brush. Dip brush several times into ward soapy water. Rinse brush with cool water and let dry.
  • Comb: Soak your comb in warm water with vinegar or soap. Use an old toothbrush to clean the comb.

Brownie Closing