2.23 Plant Life

Program Connections:
  • Key to the Living World
    • 2. Plant Life


  • Key to the Living World Interest badge: Grow Your Garden


Gathering Activity (in their circles)


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song


  • Plants begin as seeds. Every seed contains the necessary ingredients to become a plant, but it first needs three conditions: good soil, water and enough warmth. Once a seed has these three conditions met, the seed will germinate, using the food stores inside the seed to develop roots, a stem and leaves.
  • As the stem and leaves emerge, the plant begins to draw energy directly from the sun. Meanwhile, the roots push down into the rich soil, drawing both water and nutrients from the ground. The plant creates its own food from the combination of sun, gathered through the leaves, and the nutrients and water drawn up through the roots.
  • Today we are going to plant some seeds which you need to take good care of at home – check to make sure they have enough water, but not too much, and plant them in the garden after all of the snow is gone from the hills.


  • Identify 3 gardening tools and talk about how to use them.
  • First have the girls draw pictures for their seed markers (these are the labels for the seeds we purchased). Bring girls over in groups of 4 to put soil in their pots then to plant seeds.



Brownie Closing