2.19 World Centres and Thinking Day

Program Connections:
  • Key to Girl Guides
    • 2. Thinking Day and Guide-Scout Week


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  • Last week we learned about Thinking Day and why it is important to Brownies around the World. It is celebrated on February 22 each year, which is the joint birthday of Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Olave Baden-Powell, the founders of the Scouting and Guiding movements. It is a day that we celebrate and think about our Brownie sisters all over the world. It was fist celebrated in 1926.
  • The World Association of Girl Guides )WAGGS) links 145 national Girl Guide and Girl Scout Associations, with over 10 million members around the world.
  • The WAGGS World Centres are meeting places with eating and sleeping accomodation for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all over the worl. There are four World Centres:
  • Our Chalet – Adebboden, Switzerland - Our Chalet is the first and oldest of WAGGGS World Centres and opened in 1932. It is located high up in the mountains on the outskirts of Adebboden, just one hour away from the capital of Switzerland, Bern.   Switzerland is known for its chocolate and cheese, and is one of the first places people skied for fun. The Brownie motto in Switzerland is “Mis Bescht”, which means “Doing my best”.
  • Our Cabana – Cuernavaca, Mexico - The setting for Our Cabaña in Mexico is spectacular, with each building set in its own tropical garden, overlooking the city of Cuernavaca and surrounded by distant snow-capped volcanoes. Activities give a colourful experience of Mexican culture, food, language and arts and crafts. There is a swimming pool, tennis court, fire circle and craft house. Brownies in Mexico are called Haditas.
  • Sangam – Pune, India - Sangam offers a rich experience of Indian life within a safe, friendly multi-cultural environment. Cultural activities include trying Indian foods, learning about clothes, music, dance and crafts, Indian traditions and contemporary India, visiting local temples and street markets. Brownies in India are called Bulbuls, after a brightly coloured bird.
  • Pax Lodge – London, England - Just 20 minutes from the heart of London, Pax Lodge is located in of one of the most popular and exciting capital cities in the world. The centre offers a convenient place to stay whilst exploring the city’s historical sights, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and many museums. The Brownie motto in England is the same as ours: Lend a Hand.





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