2.18 Canadian World Friendship Fund

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  • Key to Girl Guides
    • 2. Thinking Day and Guide-Scout Week


Gathering Activity (in their circles)


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song


  • Find out why we celebrate Thinking Day and Guide-Scout Week.
  • Lord Baden-Powell, was born in England more than 150 years ago. He wrote a book about camping, first aid and enjoying nature. Boys loved the book, and soon Lord Baden-Powell started Boy Scouts. Then girls wanted to join Scouts, so Lord Baden-Powell's sister Agnes helped start Girl Guides. When Lord Baden-Powell married Lady Olave Baden-Powell, she started to work with Girl Guides too, and became World Chief Guide, helping to spread the Movement to girls and women all over the world. Lord and Lady Baden-Powell shared the same birthday. They were both born on February 22nd! On this day our Brownie friends all over the world celebrate Thinking Day.
  • Find out how the Canadian World Friendship Fund (CWFF) helps Brownies and Girl Guides all around the world.
  • Girl Guides of Canada maintains and administers the CWFF to support WAGGGS projects. These include: the World Centres, Mutual Aid, World Thinking Day Fund, assistance to countries starting or re-establishing Guiding and assistance to WAGGGS countries suffering from natural disasters. It also provides financial assistance to girl and adult members selected to represent Canada at international events and for girls from other WAGGGS countries visiting Canada, through the In Travel grants program. Contributions to the CWFF are voluntary and may be made at any time.
  • CWFF Pizza Challenge: The BC International Committee is challenging each Unit to collect the most money per Unit member (minimum of $5 per member). The Unit in each branch that collects the most money per Unit member (including Guiders), will win up to $100.00 to be used for a pizza party for the Unit. Every girl that participates in this challenge by collecting money for CWFF will also earn a Pizza Challenge crest. - to see if this challenge is still available, visit http://www.bc-girlguides.org/resources/challenge-crests/
  • Chore incentives: Snowy Owl has a chart to send home – every time you do a chore for your family, donate some money to your CWFF bank. You can collect for the entire month of February, and return your donation at the beginning of March.




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