2.11 Art in the Community

Program Connections:
  • Key to My Community
    • 7. Art in the Community


Gathering Activity (in their circles)


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song


  • General discussion about art within our community (Kelowna, BC).  Talk about the art in the Kelowna Art Walk brochure.  Ask the girls which of the art from the brochure they have seen before. 

Active Game

  • Girls' choice


  • Collage from magazines. Have the girls pick a theme (things they like, animals, food, etc.) and find pictures in the magazines. They then glue the pictures into a collage.
  • Rubbings - Have the girls use different objects to rub a design on their paper. They can then turn their rubbings into images (animals, trees, people).


  • sing some of your favourite Guiding songs.

Brownie Closing