2.10 I Can Be

Program Connections:
  • Key to My Community
    • 5. Jobs in the Community


  • Key to the Arts: Interest badge
    • I Can Be

Gathering Activity (in their circles)

  • attendance and dues
  • Discuss careers in their family (what jobs does their mom/dad do?)
  • Work on the career alphabet sheet


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song


  • Discuss the career alphabet results - go around the circle and have each girl name something off of their group's sheet (alphabetically).  Also have the girls say something they might like to be.
  • What jobs do our Owls do?  Did the girls know that we are more than Brownie leaders?  (in our group, we had four owls - although some of us are stay-at-home moms now, our educations and careers were as follows: picture framer, lawyer, engineer, coffee shop manager).




  • A selection of activities that represent different careers listed in the Can a Woman song:
    • Can a woman fly an airplane? Yes she can!  Make paper airplanes and fly them.
    • Can a woman build a building? Yes she can! Build marshmallow and spaghetti structures.
    • Can a woman be a doctor? Yes she can! Practice applying bandaids.

Active Game

  • Girls' choice

Brownie Closing