2.9 Proud to be Canadian

Program Connections:
  • Key to My Community
    • 2. Proud to be Canadian
    • 3. Our Flag and Our National Anthem


National Challenge:

  • Cross Canada Challenge - Zoe



Gathering Activity (in their circles)

  • attendance and dues
  • Draw a picture of a Canadian flag


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song


  • Canadian flag
  • Explain that the flag is a national symbol that is treated with dignity. Ask how the girls think it should be treated. Name places where a flag is flown, such as schools, government buildings and public parks.
  • Tell the girls that it is customary to stand when singing the national anthem. Ask them to name events at which O Canada is sung, such as at ballgames, public ceremonies and school assemblies.
  • Sing O Canada



  • Active Game (girls' choice)



  • Design a new Canadian Flag [Cross Canada Challenge - Zoe]
    • Every country has certain symbols that represent it. Ask the girls to brainstorm on what Canada's most easily recognized symbols are. Talk about the Canadian flag and ask if the girls know what it looks like. (It may be helpful to give the girls some ideas of some of the symbols, places or people that are associated with Canada, e.g., the beaver, RCMP, CN Tower, hockey, Calgary Stampede, Anne of Green Gables, moose, bonhomme, totem poles. Ask the girls what symbols they think best represent Canada.)
    • In small groups, get the girls to design a new flag representing Canada. But their new flag can't be rectangular in shape, use the maple leaf or use the colours red and white.
    • When the flags are finished, have a flag parade and let the girls give a short speech about their flag, what it represents about Canada and why they choose those symbols.
    • Materials: butcher or construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, tissue paper.

Discussion about our neighbourhood

  • Why do you like living in your neighbourhood?
  • We had a walk last week for the Remembrance Day parade – talk about what we saw on that parade.
  • Name two community events.
  • Remembrance Day service was a service project. Talk about Birthday Box project.
    • Birthday Party Boxes are a fabulous way for kids to help other kids in our city and are appropriate any time of the year. Birthday Party Boxes are kits distributed by the Food Bank to families whose children would otherwise not have the opportunity to have a birthday party.

      The kits contain essential birthday party ingredients like
      • cake mix,
      • icing,
      • balloons,
      • a home-made card,
      • candles,
      • plates, and
      • napkins.
      • Other non-essentials like small gifts, treats, hats, or banners can also be included.


Brownie Closing