2.8 Proud to Remember

Program Connections:
  • Key to My Community
    • 1. My Neighbourhood (Service Project)
    • 2. Proud to be Canadian


Gathering Activity (in their circles)

    • attendance and dues
    • Inside the box are also crayons and a copy of a colouring book (external link) for each girl.


      • Circle Songs
      • Brownie Song


        • What is Remembrance Day?

        This week many of us are wearing poppies like this one. [show poppy to the children]. Who can tell me why we wear them? [Take suggestions]

        That’s right. We wear them to show that we still think about, and pray for, the men, women and children who died in the first and second world wars, and all wars around the world – including ones that are still going on.

        The poppy was chosen for a very special reason. In the first world war, a lot of fighting took place in France. For four, terrible years, people fought and died in the fields of northern France. The war finished, at 11 o’clock on the 11th of November 1918. The next spring, the fields where the fighting had taken place had grown over with millions and millions of red poppies. The poppy was chosen as a symbol for people to show that they had not forgotten the dead – of both sides.

        Today I want to share with you a story.



        • Do any of the Brownies have relatives who participated in any of the wars or are a member of the armed forces? (one of our leaders has a brother who is currently overseas with the Canadian Armed Forces - she talked what he is doing there)
        • How can we promote peace?
          • Peace starts with tolerance and acceptance of differences. Listening, encouraging, including one another, and cooperating with one another are all ways in which peace starts, and are necessary for us to live in a peaceful world.



        • Christmas cards to send to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces overseas.  The girls fingerpainted on the outside of the cards and wrote notes inside. (note: instructions on how to send mail to the Canadian Armed Forces members can be found on the National Defence website)



          Brownie Closing