2.6 Almost a Brownie

Program Connections:
  • Key to Brownies
    • 1. Making a Promise
    • 3. Enrolling in Brownies


Gathering Activity (in their circles)

      • Halloween seek & find, owl dot to dot
      • Find puzzle pieces to put together the promise puzzle (hidden throughout the room).
        • The promise was written out on four different colours of paper, then cut into puzzle pieces. The pieces were hidden throughout the room before the girls arrived. Once everyone had arrived, the instructions were given that one girl at a time from each circle could leave her circle location to go find a puzzle piece (they can only find a puzzle piece which is the same colour as their circle emblem - for example, the Nymphs need to find blue puzzle pieces). Only one girl at a time from each circle may be hunting for a piece. Once she finds a piece and returns to the circle, another girl can go search. Continue until all pieces are found, then put the puzzle together.
      • As a group, each circle needs to say their promise together.


          • Circle Songs
          • Brownie Song
          • Promise


            • Next week is the pumpkin patch outing and the week after is enrolment. Here is what we need to have done to be enrolled:
              1. Learn the Brownie promise (have girls say it together)
              2. Know the Brownie Law (have the girls repeat each line)
                As a Brownie    
                I am honest and kind;    
                I help take care
                Of the world around me.
              3. Learn the Brownie motto “Lend a Hand”
              4. Know how to make the Brownie sign
              5. Get to know each other – we have been doing that at all of our meetings! Go around the circle and have each girl say their name LOUDLY.
              6. Make invitations for enrolment (we will do that today).
              7. Read or listen to the Brownie story – we did that in our first meeting, and you can read it again at home in your program book.
              8. Learn our Brownie songs.
              9. Learn to tie the Brownie tie (we did that with ropes and the instructions are in your book)
              10. Learn the Grand Howl (*teach them now)
            • Theme ideas for enrolment. Talk about what was done the last two years – last year was a crayon theme and the year before was critters from the forest.  Note: after much discussion, and because this was just before Halloween, the girls chose to have a theme that related to chocolate in some way.  We agreed to adapt a "baking Brownies" enrolment that we had seen online.


              • Since we need to practice our Brownie promise, each girl wast given a paper with one or two words of the promise on it. They needed to line up in the right order, then we read the promise in the order that the girls lined up.


              • enrolment cards



                • as requested by the girls

                    Brownie Closing