2.5 Advertising is Everywhere

Program Connections:
  • Key to My Community
    • 6. Advertisements All Around Us


Gathering Activity (in their circles)

    • Be an Ad Detective
      • Each group was given four pictures in which to find advertisements.  These pictures were taken from the internet.  Do a search to find your own pictures to print and share with the girls.  Our photos were: a picture of our local sports area, which is named for a local credit union (the logo on the area also matches the logo of the credit union); a picture of a city bus with advertising for a coffee shop; a picture of the cover of a sports magazine, where the athlete in the photo was wearing clothing with logos on it; a picture of a girl wearing a hoodie or t-shirt with a store logo on it.
    • Be Ad-Aware search and find sheet (print double sided - search and find from http://www.highlightskids.com/)


      • Circle Songs
      • Brownie Song


        • ( from http://www.econedlink.org/lessons/index.php?lid=645&type=educator)
        • Show the girls several different forms of advertising -- for example, a newspaper ad, a catalog, a direct mail flyer, a shopping bag with a store logo, an item of clothing such as a hat or T-shirt with the name of a company on it, and a pre-recorded television commercial.
        • What do all of these things have in common? [They are advertisements, calling attention to a good or service.]
        • Why do you think businesses advertise goods and services? [Possible answers: to create a positive impression of their business or product, to help people learn about what is being promoted, to encourage people to buy what is being promoted.]
        • What else do businesses do to tell us about their products? [Possible answers: they place ads on the radio, the Internet, magazines, billboards, store signs and displays, signs on public transportation, product packages, free samples.]
        • Explain to the students that they are going to investigate the many places where businesses advertise and how businesses use brands to help us remember them and what they sell.
        • Prospera is a credit union. Propsera Place in Kelowna used to be called “Skyreach Place” but then Prospera credit union paid a lot of money (millions of dollars?) to have their name on the stadium. This is one way for a business to get its name known
        • Golf Digest: Nike is paid Tiger Woods about $100 million to use Nike products for five years. Pretty smart advertising, huh? People really look up to athletes.
        • Adidas hoodie: Adidas has made this woman a "walking billboard." Everywhere she goes with this shirt on, she is advertising for Adidas. Ever wonder why so many clothing companies have their names all over their clothes?



        • Create an ad for Girl Guide cookies.  Choose from a bus or billboard ad (bring a large roll of newsprint), magazine ad  or brochure (letter sized paper), tv or radio.
        • Give the girls plenty of time to come up with their ads, then show them off to the rest of the group.



            Brownie Closing