2.4 Cookie Girls

Program Connections:
  • Key to I Can
    • 8. Girl Guide Cookies


  • Cookies Rising, 1 for first years, 2 for second years
  • Key to I Can: Interest Badge
    • Cookies, Yum!

Gathering Activity (in their circles) {Cookies, Yum! and Cookies Rising - Handling Money}

    • Put the following list in each circle box:
        1. Take attendance and dues.
        2. Put your meeting bead onto your nametag.
        3. Play the Cookie Case Money Game (get help from an owl!)


        • Circle Songs
        • Brownie Song

          Story: History of Girl Guide Cookies {Cookies Rising - History of Girl Guide Cookies}

              Goal Setting {Cookies Rising - Goal Setting and Key to I Can 8B}

              • Talk about the Cookie All Stars program and setting goals to reach the prize levels.
              • Talk about how we use our cookie profits in our unit.
              • Also brainstorm different ways to sell cookies.

              Etiquette {Cookies Rising - Etiquette and Cookies, Yum! interest badge}

              • Have two large sheets of paper on the floor in the middle of the circle. One says "Bad" and the other says "Good".
              • Give each girl a large card with one of the following statments on it (these are just samples - you can make up your own!):
                1. Say thank you
                2. Say please
                3. Say excuse me
                4. Walk on the grass
                5. Mumble
                6. Chewing gum
                7. Wear your uniform
                8. Wear jeans and a t-shirt
                9. Go alone
                10. Go with an adult
                11. Give the right change
                12. Walk away without giving change
                13. Pet a dog without asking permission
                14. Go into a customer's house
                15. Smile
                16. Frown
                17. Say "Hey, Lady... wanna buy some cookies???"
                18. Ask for permission to put a cookie poster up
                19. Drop cookie boxes on the ground
                20. Keep the cookie boxes clean
                21. Open a box of cookies that you haven't paid for
                22. Wear a cookie costume
                23. Walk away without thanking your customer
                24. Sing a cookie jingle
                25. Tell people how your unit uses cookie money
                26. Cross the street at a crosswalk
                27. Cross back and forth across the street to go to each house along the way
              • Have each girl read her card aloud and put it onto the correct pile - "good" or "bad"

              Game: Cookies Crossing {Cookies Rising - Teamwork}

              Craft: Cookie Flowers {Cookies Rising - Creativity}




                Brownie Closing