2.3 Fairy Games

Program Connections:
  • Key to Brownies
    • 4. Being a Brownie
  • Key to Girl Guides Interest Badge
    • Helping Sparks


Gathering Activity(in their circles)

    Opening (practice)

      • Practice having each circle skip into the Brownie ring.  Each small circle (i.e. fairies or leprechauns) skips around the toadstool while singing their circle song.  They then join the larger Brownie ring.  Take turns with each circle singing and skipping around the toadstool until all girls are in the Brownie ring.
      • Brownie Song (in one big circle, with the toadstool and owl in the centre) {Key to Brownies 4B}
        • We’re the Brownies, here’s our aim. Lend a hand and play the game. (x2)


      • We were having a joint Spark/Brownie meeting and the Sparks arrived 15 minutes after the Brownies.  They started on their gathering craft while we did our circle activities and practiced opening.  Then the Sparks did their opening while the Brownies sat in their smaller circles.
      • Once the Sparks had finished their opening, the Brownies came in one circle at a time, singing their special song.
      • Finally everyone did the Brownie opening song together.
      • Explain to the Sparks why we have a toadstool and owl in the middle of the cirlce (that it is from the Brownie story when the girl learns from the wise owl in the pine tree that she will find a Brownie if she stands near the toadstool at the edge of the pond and looks into the water... what does she see??? Herself!)


        • Game: The Name Game {Key to Brownies 2B 2C}
          • Say your name and something you like to do starting with the first letter of your name. Note that sometimes the Brownies had to help the Sparks to figure out something that they like that starts with the same letter as their name.


        • The five finger contract (note: the Sparks added a picture to their memory books to remember the contract).
        • Talk about how we have rules in Sparks and Brownies and that the five finger contract is an easy way to remember all of the rules.
        1. First hold up your PINKY and have everyone hold up their pinky.  Explain that it is the smallest finger and because it is so small it can get easily hurt.  We don't want to have anyone hurt, so this reminds us to always be safe.  Then talk about some ways we can be safe (proper footwear, don't leave without telling a leader, other basic safety rules).
        2. Next keep your pinky up but add your RING FINGER.  Explain that married people wear a ring on this finger to symbolize their commitment to their marriage.  This finger reminds us to be committed to everything we do in Sparks and Brownies.  This means we will always try to do our best... and always try every activity!
        3. Keeping both of the other fingers up, add the MIDDLE FINGER. Explain that this finger is very rude and disrespectful when it is held up by itself.  So this finger reminds us to be respectful.  We need to be respectful of each other (i.e. listening when someone else is talking, staying inside your personal "bubble" of space), respectful of our meeting place (clean up after yourself, don't damage anything), respectful of the environment (no littering, etc).
        4. Now lift up your POINTER finger (still holding the others up) and say how this finger by itself points you in a direction.  So this finger will remind us to always follow directions.  If we follow directions, things will run smoothly!
        5. Now put down all your fingers, and lift up your THUMB in a "thumb's up" position.  Explain that this means having fun or having a good attitude. If you look at everything in a positive way, you will have a good time!
        6. Finally open your whole hand up.  Tell the girls that nobody can force you to enter this agreement/contract, but if you think these are fair rules that you can follow, do a high five with your neighbour.  When you have done your high five, you have shown that you agree to the rules and will always follow them at Sparks and Brownies.



        • Flower fairies (we used pieces of drinking straws instead of ribbon)

        Spark Closing


        Brownie Closing

            Now run along home,
            And jump into bed
            Say your prayers
            Don't cover up your head.

            The very same thing
            I say unto you.
            You dream of me,
            And I'll dream of you.

            • Sing the Brownie Closing Song {Key to Brownies 4B}
              • O Lord our God. Thy children call. Grant us thy peace, and bless us all.
              • Oh hear us now, your children call. Grant to us peace, and bless us all.