1.34 Bird Brain Brownies

Program Connections:
  • Key to Camping: Interest Badge
    • Which Way?



  • Key to the Living World: Interest Badge
    • Bird Watcher

Gathering Activity (in their circles)


        • Circle Songs
        • Brownie Song

          Discussion - Bird Watcher Badge review

            • Our provincial bird is the Steller’s Jay. It became BC’s official bird on December 17, 1987. It is a vibrant blue and black in colour, and can be found throughout BC.
            • Feeding: The Steller's Jay feeds on insects, other birds' eggs and nestlings, nuts, seeds, acorns and berries. They are also frequent visitors of campground picnic tables and bird feeders. The Steller's Jay hoards food like acorns, seeds and nuts in caches around it's territory for occasions when it can't find fresh food.
            • Habitat: The Steller's Jay can be found in campgrounds, picnic areas and towns making it a fairly easy bird for an amateur bird watcher to spot. It also spends time in coniferous and mixed forests.
            • Nesting: They mainly nest in conifer trees, using the needles of the tree to line their nest. The nest is built of sticks, twigs and mud. However, they have adapted to urban life by occasionally nesting under the roof of a building.


            Craft - Recycled Bird Feeders

            • There are several patterns online.  We had the girls bring in milk jugs, and we made the pattern from this website.
            • The leaders drew the pattern onto the jugs for the girls, then started the cut with a box cutter.  The girls then used scissors to complete cutting out the doors.
            • After the doors were cut, the girls decorated their feeders using Sharpie markers.
            • We used sticks found outside for the perches.


              • To complete our Which Way interest badge, the girls came in small groups during the games and craft time to practice using a compass.
              • They were given objects to locate then told to figure out which direction it was from them on the compass.
              • They were also told to orient themselves in a certain direction.



                  · Hand out flower sheets & Ask girls to write one great thing about who they are on each petal. Explain that it can be about their skills, backgrounds, talents, beliefs, families, strengths, and other social and personal traits.