1.33 Let's Go Geocaching

Program Connections:
  • Key to the Living World
    • 1. Wondrous Walks
    • 4. Celebrate Earth Day
  • Key to the Living World: Interest Badge
    • Bird Watcher


Provincial Challenge:


This was an outdoor meeting at a local wetland. Our district has adopted this wetland, so we also included our trash cleanup service project in the park while geocaching. We used two public geocaches and hid two extra geocaches in the park.

Unless you live in Kelowna, BC, our plan won't help you much. But here are the maps that the geocaching leaders each took with them on their routes (but did not allow the girls to see... the girls figured out where to go using the GPS units).

After finding the geocaches, we met at a central location (as shown on the maps linked above), and started on our bird watcher badge. We talked about our provincial bird (the Steller's Jay) then each girl was given a copy of a bird watching book and we dispersed in small groups throughout the park to observe birds and fill in our booklets.

    ยท Hand out flower sheets & Ask girls to write one great thing about who they are on each petal. Explain that it can be about their skills, backgrounds, talents, beliefs, families, strengths, and other social and personal traits.