1.29 All About Art

Program Connections:
  • Key to the Arts: Interest Badge:
    • All About Art (note: to complete this badge, the girls must attend our Art Gallery field trip)


Gathering Activity (in their circles)


        • Circle Songs
        • Brownie Song


          • Colours - talk about primary colours, secondary colours, complimentary colours, cool & warm colours, black & white, grayscale, the spectrum, shading and tinting.
          • One of our Guiders is an artist.  She brought in several different types of art (her creations) to share with the girls: portraits, still life, oil painting, sketching, screen printing, mosaic, collage, etc.
          • The girls were encouraged to ask our Guider questions about her artwork.

            Craft: Rubbings

            • Each girl was given a notebook and a pencil, and we went outside to create rubbings of the different textures we could find around our meeting place.
            • We brought our notebooks back inside, then used pencil crayons to turn the rubbings into creative pictures.


            Girls Choice Games


              · Hand out flower sheets & Ask girls to write one great thing about who they are on each petal. Explain that it can be about their skills, backgrounds, talents, beliefs, families, strengths, and other social and personal traits.