1.20 Our Chalet

Program Connections:
  • Key to the Arts
    • 5. Around the World in Song and Dance
  • Key to Girl Guides
    • 2. Thinking Day and Guide-Scout Week


Gathering Activity (in their circles)

  • Attendance and dues
  • Thinking Day Passport - Pax Lodge and England from last week; fill in Our Chalet and Switzerland from this week
  • Thought Bubbles for Thinking Day – write down how you think we can “Make a Difference” like in our song. Write it big enough so we can take a picture of you with it and see what it says.


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song


  • Introduce Switzerland and Our Chalet World Centre
  • Our Chalet is a purpose-built Swiss chalet with stunning picture postcard views of Adelboden and the surrounding mountains. It can accommodate up to 80 guests in the winter and a further 25 in the campsite in the summer.
  • In the winter, Adelboden is a world class ski resort, offering skiing, snowboarding and a wide range of other winter sports, including ice skating and curling. Adelboden offers skiers and snowboarders of any ability, from beginner to advanced, three extensive and safe ski areas. It also has an excellent ski school and ski hire facilities, and après ski activities include ice skating, curling, sledging, swimming, and a moonlit evening walk to a mountain hut for ice creams or hot chocolate.
  • In the summer, guests can explore mountain trails and alpine paths, discover the extraordinary flora and fauna of the area, paraglide over Adelboden or fly to the Matterhorn in a light aircraft, and take in the breathtaking beauty of the Bernese Oberland. As well as walking and hiking, guests can enjoy day trips to a variety of local towns and attractions and try their hand at the new range of extreme sports on offer.
  • Our Chalet is on the outskirts of Adelboden, about 1 mile away from the town centre and just a 3 minute taxi ride away from the ski lifts.
  • Adelboden is a small town at the end of a valley in the Swiss Alps. It is in the Bernese Oberland, just 30 minutes from Interlaken and less than an hour from Switzerland¹s capital, Bern.




Song and Dance

Campfire (if time)


·Hand out flower sheets & Ask girls to write one great thing about who they are on each petal. Explain that it can be about their skills, backgrounds, talents, beliefs, families, strengths, and other social and personal traits.