B2.23 Cookies, Yum!

This meeting plan was shared with me by another Guider.

Program Connections:
  • Key to I Can
    • 8. Girl Guide Cookies
  • Cookies Rising, 1 for first years, 2 for second years
  • Key to I Can Interest Badge: Cookies, Yum!


6:00 - 6:05 pm

  • Circle songs

6:05 – 6:10 pm

  • ‘Cookie Sale’, ‘Itsy Bitsy Brownie’, ‘I Like Vanilla’ songs (*see song sheet)

6:10 – 6:30 pm

  • Cookies, Yum! Badge: Learn how much each box costs, how to keep records, and how to make change.
  • *see back of cookie money envelope
  • Cookies Rising Badge: Handling money: learning to properly make change
  • Divide your unit into smaller groups of three or four girls. Give each group play money $2, $5 and $10 bills and a handful of various coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies). Choose a dollar amount, for example $8.00 and announce it to each group. The objective of the game is to work as a group to come up with the correct change to equal $8.00. For example, one group may come up with $8.00 using a five dollar bill and three loonies where as another group may use four toonies. Once each group is finished, compare the different ways they came up with that particular amount. Complete the activity a few times, to allow them to understand the concept clearly.

6:30 – 6:35 pm

  • Cookies, Yum! Badge: Find out how to be a safe cookie seller.
  • Don’t go into a stranger’s house.
  • Always wear your uniform and badge sash.
  • Don’t go up to a parked car.
  • Make sure you always sell cookies with a buddy and an adult, such as a parent, guardian or leader, supervising.
  • Don’t criss-cross the road. Sell on one side of the street, cross where it is safe and sell on the other.
  • Look both ways when crossing the street.
  • Never sell to people in cars.
  • Obey all traffic rules.
  • Never carry large amounts of money. Return home frequently to deposit money collected.
  • Carry money in cookie dough envelopes, not in your pockets.
  • Only give your first name and never your address or phone number when selling.
  • Sell only in neighbourhoods and areas familiar to you.
  • Make sure you know the name and phone number of someone to call in case of an emergency.
  • If you must sell when it is dark, wear bright colours and carry a flashlight. If you can, sell door-to-door during daylight hours only.

6:35 – 6:45 pm

  • Cookies Rising Badge: Etiquette - learning the polite language to use when selling cookies
  • Using two large sheets of paper, write the words “polite” on one and “impolite” on the other. Tape each piece of paper to opposite sides of the room. On small pieces of paper jot down polite and impolite phrases and scenarios. Use words and situations familiar to them such as what happens at Brownie meetings, while selling Girl Guide cookies, at home or in the community. For example, one piece of paper could read saying thank you to the customer and another piece of could read walking across the grass. Create at least one scenario or phrase for each girl in your Unit. One at a time, ask each girl to read one piece of paper. The group must work together to decide which side of the room it should be on. Then, the girl can tape it up on the ‘polite’ or ‘impolite’ sheet of paper. Note: Please encourage the girls to say thank you to the people who may not buy cookies.
  • Saying hello
  • Saying thank you to the customer
  • Do you wanna buy some cookies lady?
  • Ringing the doorbell more than once
  • Getting mad at the customer if they don’t buy any cookies
  • Walking across the grass
  • Would you like to buy some Girl Guide cookies?
  • Smiling
  • Pressing your face up against the glass at the door or window

6:45 – 6:55 pm

  • Cookies Rising Badge: Teamwork – introduce the idea of teamwork when selling cookies

6:55 – 7:15 pm

7:15 – 7:25 pm

  • distribute Girl Guide cookies

7:25 – 7:30 pm

  • Brownie closing song


  • Toad stool
  • Dues bag
  • Brownie binder
  • Clock
  • Badge bag
  • Attendance clipboard
  • Owl
  • Meeting plan
  • Dues record
  • Pencil case
  • First aid kit
  • Interest badge folder
  • Cookie song sheets
  • Cookie money envelope
  • Play money
  • 2 large papers – polite & impolite
  • Masking tape
  • Scotch tape
  • 10 cue cards with phrases
  • 6 x large paper cookies
  • ‘Who Want Girl Guide cookies?’ booklets
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Girl guide cookies