1.4 Our Cookies Don't Crumble!

Program Connections:
  • Key to I Can
    • 8. Girl Guide Cookies


  • Cookies Rising, 1 for first years, 2 for second years
  • Key to I Can: Interest Badge
    • Cookies, Yum!

Gathering Activity (in their circles) {Cookies, Yum! and Cookies Rising - Handling Money}

    • Put the following list in each circle box:
        1. Take attendance and dues.
        2. Put your meeting bead onto your nametag.
        3. Play the Cookie Case Money Game (get help from an owl!)
      • Inside the box are also Craft: Key Name Tag, beads (that look like little chocolate mint cookies - brown cylindrical beads that have the hole going through the side rather than through the middle), dues book and bag, circle song pasted onto the outside of the box, and the Game: The Cookie Case Money Game.


        • Circle Songs
        • Brownie Song

          Story: History of Girl Guide Cookies {Cookies Rising - History of Girl Guide Cookies}

              Goal Setting {Cookies Rising - Goal Setting and Key to I Can 8B}

              • Talk about the Cookie All Stars program and setting goals to reach the prize levels.
              • Talk about how we use our cookie profits in our unit.
              • Also brainstorm different ways to sell cookies.

              Etiquette {Cookies Rising - Etiquette and Cookies, Yum! interest badge}

              • Have two large sheets of paper on the floor in the middle of the circle. One says "Bad" and the other says "Good".
              • Give each girl a large card with one of the following statments on it (these are just samples - you can make up your own!):
                1. Say thank you
                2. Say please
                3. Say excuse me
                4. Walk on the grass
                5. Mumble
                6. Chewing gum
                7. Wear your uniform
                8. Wear jeans and a t-shirt
                9. Go alone
                10. Go with an adult
                11. Give the right change
                12. Walk away without giving change
                13. Pet a dog without asking permission
                14. Go into a customer's house
                15. Smile
                16. Frown
                17. Say "Hey, Lady... wanna buy some cookies???"
                18. Ask for permission to put a cookie poster up
                19. Drop cookie boxes on the ground
                20. Keep the cookie boxes clean
                21. Open a box of cookies that you haven't paid for
                22. Wear a cookie costume
                23. Walk away without thanking your customer
                24. Sing a cookie jingle
                25. Tell people how your unit uses cookie money
                26. Cross the street at a crosswalk
                27. Cross back and forth across the street to go to each house along the way
              • Have each girl read her card aloud and put it onto the correct pile - "good" or "bad"

              Skits {Key to I Can 8C}

              • Either divide the girls into groups to practice cookie selling, or have a leader be the customer and present the girls with different scenarios - practice how to deal with a rude customer, a customer that invites you inside, remembering to say thank-you, etc

              Game: Cookies Crossing {Cookies Rising - Teamwork}

              Craft: Decorating Cookies {Cookies Rising - Creativity}

              • Decorate sugar cookies using a variety of icing colours.

              Promote Girl Guide Cookies {Key to I Can 8A}

              • Either rotate the girls with half doing cookies and half doing posters, or have them move to posters when finished with the cookies.
              • Create a poster to promote Girl Guide cookies. Make sure to put the price on the poster!

              Game (time filler)

              • Have an active game ready as a time filler


                Brownie Closing