1.11 Petpourri

Program Connections:
  • Key to I Can
  • Pet Pals interest badge

Provincial Challenge:


Gathering Activity(in their circles)

  • Put the following list in each circle box:
  1. Take attendance and dues. Today is November 30 – make sure you use the right spot in the book!
  2. Take turns showing your pet pictures and telling your circle about your pets.
  3. Work on the pet activity sheet until opening.
  • Girls were to bring photos of their pets to this meeting.
  • Inside the box are also dues book and bag as well as an activity sheet.


  • Circle Songs
  • Brownie Song

Discussion {Pet Pals and Emergency Preparedness Challenge}

  • Special guest from the animal rescue society to talk about:
    • Basic skills to care for pets
    • Why pets need to be active and healthy
    • Rescue society info
    • CDART
    • Animals in emergency
    • Basic pet first aid
  • Note: our guest brought in a dog, and he taught the girls the correct way to approach a dog (only after asking both your parent AND the person with the dog)


Brownie Closing