B1.19 Ads Are Everywhere

This meeting plan was shared with me by another Guider.

Program Connections:
  • Key to I Can
  • Key to My Community
  • Key to I Can interest badge: Pet Pals




6:00-6:05 pm

    • Circle songs (attendance/dues)
    • Brownie opening song
    • Brownie Promise

      6:05 - 6:25 pm

      • Pet Pals Interest Badge
        • Talk about the basic skills for caring for a pet
        • Talk about why a pet needs to be active and healthy
        • *ask each girl that was at the vet tour for answer for each of the questions above
        • Bring pictures of your pet to a meeting and tell stories about your pet. If you don’t have a pet, find a story about a pet in a book and share it.

      6:25 – 6:35 pm

      • Key to I Can - #7 Party Planner
        • What events would you like to celebrate by throwing a party?
        • A. Pick an event to celebrate.
          • Bring a Friend’ Night
        • B. Make a list of people you’d like to invite.
          • 1 friend each ONLY
        • C. Design invitations. Plan a menu and activities
          • Ice Cream Party
          • (crafts, singing, games, food)
        • D. Help prepare food for your party.
          • Each girl to bring sundae topping for themselves and their friend labelled in a bag. *No nuts!!!
        • E. Get help from family and friends, if you need it. Make your party happen!
          • Discuss with their parents who they can invite, deliver invitation and have parents make arrangements to have friend attend and have permission form signed.

      6:35 – 6:55 pm

      6:55 – 7:25 pm

      • Key to My Community - #6 Advertisements All Around Us
        • Why do people advertise and how do advertisements make us feel?
          • Discuss different kinds of ads. Some ads entice us to buy things, such as a new pair of jeans, a lipstick, a soft drink or a car. Others dissuade us from doing things, for example “Don’t Smoke” or “Don’t Drink and Drive” public service ads.
        • A. Look in a newspaper or magazine. Watch television and listen to the radio. Talk about three things you see or hear advertised.\
        • B. Pick two advertisements. What do they tell you about the product they are advertising?
        • C. Make up an ad about Brownies. You can make it a newspaper, magazine, television or radio ad.

      7:25 – 7:30 pm

      • Brownie closing song

        Supplies needed for meeting



            • Toad stool
            • Dues bag
            • Brownie binder
            • Clock
            • Badge bag
            • Attendance clipboard
            • Owl
            • Chair signs & pins
            • Meeting plan
            • Dues record
            • Camp envelope
            • Invitation kits
            • Glue sticks
            • Permission slips for ‘Bring a Friend Night’
            • Letter to parents re: Bring a Friend Night
            • 2 x advertisements
            • Microphones
            • Paper x 13 (for gluing)
            • Paper x 3 (large sheets for advertisements)
            • Pencils
            • Crayons
            • Thin black felt pens