B1.8 Safety First

This meeting plan was shared with me by another Guider.

Program Connections:
  • Key to I Can
    • 1. Staying Safe
    • 3. Around the House
    • 4. Turn it On Safely
  • Key to I Can interest badge: Listen to This


Pre-meeting activity: have girls write down on newsprint what they would like to do in Brownies this year


6:00-6:05 pm

    • Circle songs (attendance/dues)
    • Brownie opening song
    • Brownie Promise

      6:05 – 6:15 pm

      • 3. Around the House
        • What tasks need to be do ne at your home every day I week, and season?
        • A. Take responsibility for a household chore. Do the chore.
        • B. Help a friend or neighbour with a chore.
        • C. Keep your room tidy. Find places to store toys, games bookst clothes, and other articles.
      • 4. Turn It On Safely
        • How do you use the appliances in your home safely?
        • A. Name all the appliances in your home. Which ones can you use by yourself?
        • B. Check each appliances for safety features with an adult.
        • C. With adult supervision, use three household appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner, stove, microwave, or blender.
      • give handout to girls to complete and return next week

      6:15-6:25 pm

      • 1. Staying Safe
        • How can you stay safe indoors or outdoors?
        • D. Learn about "stop, drop and roll," if your clothes catch on fire.
        • Read "Stop, Drop and Roll" book. (external link) - note: this book is available at our local library, so check to see if you can get it at your library
        • Sing 'Song: Get Out!' song. (hand out song sheet)

      6:25 – 6:35 pm

      6:35-7:05 pm

        7:05 – 7:15 pm

        7:15 - 7:25 pm

        • 'Listen to This' interest badge
          • Discuss what being a good audience means. How should a good audience behave?
          • Do a skit, in which some people are performers and others are the audience. Act out both good and bad audience skills.
          • Attend a local play or recital and display good audience manners.
        • give the girls the Listen to This handout to complete and return

        7:25 – 7:30 pm

        • Brownie closing song

          Closing reminders - complete and return Key to I Can #4 and 5 home project, meeting is at 5:30 pm next week for pizza party!

          Supplies needed for meeting

          • Toad stool
          • Dues bag
          • Brownie binder
          • Clock
          • Badge bag
          • Attendance clipboard
          • Owl
          • Chair signs &pins
          • Meeting plan
          • Pencils
          • Take home project Key to I Can #3 &4 sheets
          • 'Stop, Drop and Roll' book
          • 'Get Out' song sheets
          • Emergency numbers sheets
          • 'Safety with Radar' booklets
          • 'Listen to This' interest badge sheets