Game: Snail, Snail


Snail, snail, come out and be fed.
First your feelers, then your head.
Then your mama and your papa
Will feed you fine mutton.

How to Play:

  1. Everyone starts in a large circle, holding hand.  The leader drops her left hand so that the person to the left will be the "tail" of the group.
  2. Start singing the song and walking around in a circle (eveyone holding hands and following the leader).
  3. Progressively make the circle smaller and smaller so you are spiralling inwards.
  4. When you can't go any further, the leader takes the two girls behind her and makes them into a "bridge" (with their arms over their heads and hands touching).
  5. The leader joins her hand to the next girl in line then leads everyone through the bridge and back out through the spiral until you have a large circle again.
  6. As the last girl passes through the bridge, the girls who formed the bridge join the end of the line.