Game: Water Cycle Relay


  • 2 buckets,
  • 4 cups

How to Play:

  1. Label one bucket “cloud” and one bucket “lake”.  Label the two cups “rain” and two cups “evaporation”.  This is a simplified water cycle, focusing on the idea that water evaporates from the lake, to the clouds, and then the cloud “rains” back into the lake.
  2. Form two teams.
  3. Fill the “lake” bucket ¾ with water.
  4. Place the 2 buckets about 20 feet apart.
  5. Give each team a “rain” cup and “evaporation” cup.
  6. In relay fashion, each team member must scoop the “evaporation” cup into the lake, run to the cloud, pour it in the cloud, scoop the “rain” cup in the cloud, run back and pour it into the lake, and then take the cups to the next player.
  7. First team through all players wins.