Game: Geocaching with GPS Owls

This game was adapted from the Alberta Girl Guides Geocaching Challenge.


  1. Before the meeting, hide the containers in various areas around the meeting place.  Best if they aren't in the same room!
  2. Give each Guider (Owl) instructions to her geocache (or to all the geocaches, but set an order to find them in so no two groups are searchig for the same thing at the same time).
  3. Split the girls into groups.  Best to have as many girls in each group as there are geocache containers so each girl gets a turn to be the navigator.  Note that we had five geocaches, so we were able to have five girls per group.
  4. Each group has a GPS Owl.  The GPS Owl can not talk, she can only beep.
  5. For each geocache the girls hunt for, a different girl is the navigator.  The navigator holds her hand out in front of her and points.  If she is pointing in the direction of the geocache, the GPS Owl will beep.  Softly and slowly if she is far away from the cache, louder and faster as she gets closer to the geocache.  If the girl veers off course, the GPS Owl will stop beeping.
  6. The navigator will need to turn in a circle with her hand pointed in front of her in order to determine which way to go.
  7. Before moving on to the next cache, either meet at a central meeting spot with all groups, or wait to make sure the next group has found their cache before moving on.

· Play a geocaching guessing game. One object is hidden as the cache, the person who knows where the cache is can then “beep” louder and faster as the girls approach this and slower and softer as they get farther away from this.

· Have the girls hunt for different sizes of “geocaches” – micro = magnetic key holder, small Tupperware and regular box.