Game: Caimarusa

Pronounced "Kymarusa"


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The song goes as follows:

Caima, Caima, Caimarusa, Caimarusa,
Caima, Caima, Caimarusa, Caimarusa-sa!

La la la, la la la,
La la la, la la la la...
(repeat until girls are back in position)

Hear the song here: Tuneguide Caimarusa

  1. km1
  2. Begin singing the song, girls on the sides clapping and tapping their feet to the beat.

  3. km3
  4. Once the girls are starting to go around the lines, start singing the "La-la-la" part of the song.

  5. km5
  6. Keep singing the "La-la-la" part until everyone is in the starting position again.

  7. km7

  8. km8