Game: British Words


  • Word cards
  • You will need to write the correct number on the back of each card.
How to Play:

The girls take turns to draw a card and read out the British word and all of the possible Canadian words. They then all guess what they think the word means in "Canadian" English. Flip the card over to see if you were right! The girls did not do this competetively, just as a fun "I didn't know that!" activity.


British Word Canadian Word
bobby 3. policeman
bin 2. trashcan
lift 1. elevator
post 4. mail
football 1. soccer
cooker 2. stove
flat 3. apartment
garden 4. backyard
knickers 1. underwear
dummy 2. soother
nappy 3. diaper
pram 4. baby carriage
fringe 1. bangs (hair)
jumper 2. sweater
trainers 3. running shoes
Wellingtons 4. rubber boots
lorry 1. truck
chips 2. french fries
biscuit 3. cookie
crisps 4. potato chips
fairy cakes 1. cupcakes
ice-lolly 2. popsicle
jacket potato 3. baked potato
mince 4. hamburger
pudding 1. dessert
nick 2. steal
serviette 3. paper napkin
bird 4. girl
bloke 1. guy
hoover 2. vacuum
knackered 3. tired
mate 4. friend
petrol 1. gasoline