Game: Battleship

This game is a variation of Captain's Coming.

Equipment: None


Gather the Brownies together in the middle of the meeting area. Explain that they are all now soldiers on a Battleship. The leader is going to call out some commands and the Brownies must do the appropriate actions.

Captain Aboard – Brownies stop running and salute. (Show them how to make a salute.)
Swab the Decks – Brownies use an imaginary mop and mop the floor.
Man Overboard – Brownies drop to the floor and start to swim.
Bombers – Brownies run to the closest wall, then drop to the floor and cover their heads with their arms.
Peace – Brownies gather in the centre of the room and make the peace symbol (first and second finger in a “V”,
thumb holding other fingers curled in.)

Brownies run around the room stopping only to perform the various actions. As the leader calls out the commands, the Brownies immediately perform the action. End the game with the command Peace. Leaders can add other suitable commands if they wish.