Game: Brownie Knot Relay

Supplies needed:

  • one die per group
  • brownie ties, triangular bandages, bandanas or cord
  • activity cards numbered 1 to 6 with activities, such as arm stretches, modified jumping jacks, leg raises, toe      touches and arm circles
How to Play:
  • The girls stand in their circles at one end of the room.
  • The leader stands at the other end of the room with the items to be tied in a reef knot.
  • One girl in each team rolls the die.  She runs to the leader and ties a reef knot using the tie, bandage or bandana.
  • Meanwhile, her teammates do the activity on the activity card that corresponds to the number on the die.
  • When she knows it is correct, she runs back to her team.  The next team member rolls the die and repeats the action.
  • As each girl returns to her team, the leader unties the knots.
  • The first team to complete the exercise wins the game.