Craft: Butterfly Symmetry

Butterflies are a natural example of symmetry: their right and left wings are mirror images of each other. Make your own symmetrical butterfly in this simple craft activity.


  • Construction paper in a variety of colours
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Craft stick


  1. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half lengthwise. Draw a butterfly wing on it, placing it so the fold is where the butterfly's body would be.
  2. Cut out the wing, without cutting the fold. When you unfold it, you should have two identical wings attached in the middle.
  3. Fold another sheet of construction paper, in a different colour, in half lengthwise. Then fold it in half lengthwise again.
  4. Cut out a random shape that starts at one end of the folded edge and ends a little bit higher up the fold. Do not cut the fold itself. When you unfold your shape, you should have two identical, symmetrical shapes.
  5. Position one of your shapes on each wing, in the same place on each wing. Trace around them with the pencil to mark where they should go.
  6. Dab a little glue onto the back of the shape, then glue it into the positions you marked.
  7. Continue adding different shapes until your butterfly looks how you want it to. Just remember: the goal is to make each wing the mirror image of the other