Craft: Scherenschnitte - Switzerland craft

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This Swiss craft involves cutting a design out of colored paper, usually black, and then displaying it on a lighter colored paper, usually white. By cutting out the outline and fine features of your design, the white then shows through in the background of your picture. Your entire design should be cut from one single sheet of paper.

We are going to make a scherenschnitte valentine with a heart and a traditional swiss image, a tulip.


  • coloured paper (we used pink construction paper) - print the template onto this paper.
  • white paper to mount the cut paper onto afterwards
  • scissors
  • glue stick


  1. Cut the design from the coloured paper.  Be careful to NOT cut from the edges.. you need to puncture the paper to start cutting out the design.
  2. Glue the finished Scherenschnitte onto the mounting paper.